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What employers look for in a resume

There are 7 key areas that employers evaluate when looking at a resume:

  • Organization and Layout
  • Accomplishments
  • Job Fit/Customization
  • Language and Grammar
  • Job/Company Knowledge
  • Accuracy
  • Basic Information

After answering a few short questions, our free resume guide measures your know-how across these 7 key areas so that you can write a more effective resume.

Tips for writing an effective resume

  • Choose the right format

    • Chronological - If you have a solid work history.
    • Functional - if you have less experience, work gaps, or frequent job changes
    • Hybrid - for career changers, since it combines chronological and functional
  • Create a clean design
    Use a layout that doesn't distract from the content of the resume--one that is simple, clear and logical.
  • Be specific
    Numbers and percentages are convincing to employers. Use measurable results when possible.
  • Be concise
    Don't include everything you've ever done in your resume. Keep focused on your most relevant skills and experience.
  • Be consistent
    Stick to either past or present tense. Don't mix your tenses and send a sloppy message.
  • Use action words
    Passive verbs suck the life right out of a resume. Do say, "Developed a content database." Don't say, "A content database was developed."

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You need a job-winning resume

In just 10 seconds, a hiring manager will decide if you're the person for the job-or not. If your resume does not make a positive impact in these first few seconds, you have missed the opportunity.

But it's not necessarily clear how to create a resume that makes a good first impression. In fact, many people simply don't know how to write a winning resume. Resume templates and samples can help you get started, but chances are you need more help writing your resume.

Whether you are just beginning your job search or have been applying for jobs for a while without getting results, our free Resume Guide can help you get the job you've always wanted.

Free Personalized Resume Guide

Writing a resume is not easy. It can take hours and your resume could still miss the mark. Simply using a resume template can make your resume look "cookie-cutter" and fails to make the most of your unique skills and experience.

That's where your Personalized Resume Guide comes in. Your Personalized Resume Guide can help you to customize your resume for your target job as well as help you to focus your job search efforts on the most time- and cost-effective strategies.

In order to recognize your resume's particular problem areas and identify your unique resume needs, you simply need to answer a series of short questions about your resume. When you're done, you'll receive a free 19-page Personalized Resume Guide that evaluates your resume on seven key resume elements:

With the help of the personalized tips and advice provided by your Free Resume Guide, you will be able to write an impressive resume that opens the doors to numerous job opportunities.

What you can expect from your Free Resume Guide

Your Free Personalized Resume Guide will maximize the potential of your resume by showing you how to:

  • Customize your resume so that employers will see how well you match the job opportunity
  • Highlight your most impressive accomplishments
  • Create the best layout to emphasize your skills and experience
  • Use resume language that clearly communicates your value
  • Develop an impactful resume objective
  • Use your resume effectively and strategically
  • Send cover letters and follow-up to your best advantage
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